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Saggy Tits

2016-Jun-11 - Sonja

Huge tits
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2012-Mar-28 - Venera's Giant Saggy Milkbags

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2011-May-18 - Miss D - The Saggiest=Titted White Woman

Miss D remains the saggiest-titted white woman out there. Others might have more tit mass, but for unbeatable sag Miss D wins juggs-down. She briefly modeled a few years ago and has gone down in history as having the most outrageously saggy knockers on any white woman. And we are truly grateful for the photographer who just let them hang so we can marvel at her incredible pair of knockers that go beyond her naval! The stretch marks on those udders are also a wonder to behold!
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2009-Mar-19 - Peggy's Massive Saggers

When Peggy first appeared on the web I don't think I went out for a week. I could never look at her phenomenal boobs for long! A tit-wank from this woman would be my ultimate fantasy.

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2009-Mar-12 - Missy - Only 27 but incredibly low hanging!

At least once a week I amuse myself by cleaning out my pipes to the the mind-bogglingly huge J-cups of young Missy.

Her DVD is available from It's only softcore but if you are a true breast fetishist you won't mind at all:

Sadly the DVD cover does not do justice to how wonderfully hanging her boobs are.
I usually lose control when it gets to this scene, as she wobbles her enourmous J-cup mammaries out of this white dress. The perfect sag of those monsters can best be appreciated in the top right picture below, where the breast on our left is flattened against her stomach with udder perfection:

Below is further evidence of what perfect whoppers these are

I do hope she's still modelling in twenty years. To see how far south her boobs have gone by then would be...pass the tissues...
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2009-Mar-5 - Dorothy - The Ultimate Granny Boobs!

Now here is a really mature woman! A 65-year-old who goes by the name of Dorothy/Jindri/ Edna and my favourite ever granny. She's got it all: short dark hair, soft squidgy thighs I'd love to nibble on, and a lovely big pair of breasts that hang right down to her naval. No wonder they made her a cover star of both 60up and 60s magazine! I fell in love with her when I saw her on the cover of 60up and she looks even more plump and georgous in the more recent 60s magazine spread!

From a set she did for old Spunkers where she was known as Jindri.

See how those magnificent breasts go past her naval...

A more recent photo. This one makes me want to spend an entire weekend licking her bald pussy and squeezing her tits.

I'd really love to see her do hardcore and make those lovely saggers swing about!

Does anyone know any more about her? If so, please leave a comment or email me at
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2009-Feb-26 - Swinging, Slapping Udders!

What's better than seeing a huge pair of tits simply hanging to the woman's naval? Why, seeing them swinging about while she is fucked of course! In this scene from, this fantastic mature woman (I think she's called Peggy) gets it from a young stud. It's great to see her juggs wobble in the first scene while she lays on her back but the second part should be put on repeat with the sound up as she gets fucked on her hands on knees! Half way through the clip we get a very special close-up where those long floppy udders swing to and fro, slapping noisily against her belly!

Sadly, she holds them up in part 3 and we never get to see how far they hang down. You'll need to join to see more. It's an expensive but massive website with an extremely diverse collection of mature women. I'll be blogging its saggiest titters in a future post. Meanwhile, watch these lovely udders swing!

Part 1



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